Archives for the month of: March, 2009

i should be in bed, but i’ve decided i need to post a happy post because they seem hard to come by these days. i had SUCH a wonderful last few days:
– 24 hours with leah including blockus, hanging w rex & deborah, feeling known, thinking through college, laughing, going to an art history class, a good convo with t and leah at the same time, and lots of winter wheat and blooming cherry trees
– thai food and frozen mango with friends
– a baby shower featuring fresh strawberries with truffles, baby talk, pink onesies, sundry midwest college connections and new and old friends
– a hott date at la tasca with sangria, custard, and excellent conversation
– directional hottness
– breakfast and catching up w bridget
– james 5 elder prayer action
– car diagnosis and cheap fix
– 20somethings lyme support group (i am not the lyme encyclopedia around these kids–i barely know anything at all.)
– new license plates! new tag lights!
– chillin’ in the park
– visiting kp’s new house with no furniture

gosh, this was such a good weekend. good for my soul, heart, body. i’m so glad and feel so well-loved. also, it’s been a week off my iv antibiotics and i don’t feel like i’m going crazy.  all around awesome news.


i’ve been thinking about a sense of place lately. since i lost my job again, i’m wondering why i’m here. i know why and i’m going to stick around, but it’s interesting to think about. i also realized that i have some airline miles that are about to expire and i wondered where i could go where i have a cluster of friends. my first thought was madison. but then i thought about it. my host family now lives in ethiopia. a few of my coworkers still work at IV, but one is in central cali and the other is in texas. bummer. well, what about philly? i have one dear friend there, but the other moved to the czech republic. snap. i have a good friend in louisville, ky. i have some family in NJ. there are two important people in san diego, but i just went there. it’s strange, being in our 20s. we’re all moving around for careers, for grad schools, for spouses. i have a lot of dear friends here and a great church community, so i’ll stay here for now. i guess in heaven i’ll have a big concentration of dear friends. i’m looking forward to that. until then, here’s a shout out to the buddies across the map. love you guys. let’s hang out soon.

really, it was perfect.

dozed while watching the snow fall, blow, and drift through the window
ate a leisurely bruch
work cancelled for my roomate 🙂
watched a little Pride & Prejudice
got bundled up
ran an errand
drove to the pastor & his wife’s amazing house in the woods
put on the ski bibs, funny hat and gloves
snowball fight!
snowmanstachesnowman sculpting–complete with a mustache!
sledding down the hill!
black diamond sledding with near-death experience!
snow in my face!
sledding behind the four-wheeler!
back inside
rotisserie dance in front of the fire
salsa soup
hot chocolate
hat head
impromptu charades
laughing in the kitchen
hugs goodbye
shopping at TJMaxx (complete with weird dress fashion show)
Indian dinner with friends
more P&P
scraping off the car
trip to arlington
sleeping soundly

mm, it was good.   i laughed a lot.  i felt like a kid.  i forgot about my cares.  i’m so glad.