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This TED talk has been knocking around in my head since I heard it a few weeks ago. In it, Cameron Russell talks about the power of image and how she is the recipient of a legacy and a lottery that give her power unrelated to who she is and what she’s done. It’s brilliant. Let me know what you think!


Happy March, friends!

My city just had a fake out snowstorm that shut down everything even though it was mostly just rain.  I think it was because we’re all so overworked and wanted a reason to stay home.  I worked from my couch, but managed to have a great time with my roommates, made a dent in a Nashville and drank pina coladas with friends.  It was excellent.

My trip to the caribbean with my twin was a smashing success.  I have about 5 excellent stories and 40 pictures that will give you a little hint of all of the joy we shared.  There was beauty and good food and sketchy adventures every time we turned around.  And my lobster sunburn has turned into a lovely tan.  🙂

Spring is around the corner.  I bought a pink lace peplum shirt to celebrate.  And some mint ballet flats.  

I’m drinking more green smoothies than ever before.  Spinach?  Kale?  It’s awesome with just about any fruit.  I feel like popeye when I drink this stuff.  A little scoop of protein powder and I’m all set for my day.  

The class I’m teaching about joy is going so well!  I led my small group in telling joy stories last night.  It was awesome.  Telling joy stories is the best way to make everyone happy and bring together a group.  

The book The Supper of the Lamb is amazing.  It was written in the 60’s by a foodie episcopal priest.  If you like food and theology, you should own this book and buy a copy for your friend.  Seriously.  I bring it most places and have been known to laugh out loud at his extended discourse on onions or gravy while sitting on the beach or in the doctor’s office waiting room.  

To close, here’s a song I really like about Jesus being the King.  It’s a lot more about Easter than Lent, but then again, so am I.