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some of you know about my fallish health news.  after 2 very intensive years of treatment for MS and lyme disease, i got an MRI that showed no change in the amount of inflammation in my brain.  i was devastated.  how could 50 treatments of hyperbaric oxygen, 6 months of IV antibiotics, thousands of supplements, hours of prayer, counseling, energy work and physical therapy have added up to no change at all? i mean, i’m pretty sure the lyme is dead, so what gives?  why the inflammation?

so, tonight, i decided to do a little education.  when i got my MS diagnosis, i was ravenous for information.  i read a lot of books and articles and talked to several people.  however, 9 months later i got re-diagnosed with lyme and i was totally overwhelmed.  i told my mom to do the research.  i just went to my doc, took my meds and tried to survive.  i know now that the treatment made my brain crazy and unable to process it all so i couldn’t be my normal inquisitive self.  i really honestly believed that if i just killed off the lyme, my MS would go away, evidenced by no more neuropathy (buzzing, tingling) and lesions.

when i started going to my current doctor about a year ago, she ran a bigger battery of tests.  she came back with more things wrong than just lyme.  among them were epstein-barr, mycoplasma and HHV6 virus.  i had REALLY high antibodies for all of these with EBV leading the way.  no wonder I was exhausted all winter!  i have many hazy memories of those months that are behind a wall of tired and pain.  i’m glad i had a part-time job!  with these new bugs presented by my doctor, i just said whatever and took the stuff she prescribed.  after the crushing MRI report this fall, i thought all hope was lost: i must just have MS and there’s no cause.  lyme was supposed to be the cause, treating the lyme didn’t make the lesions go away, so i’m just screwed.

so tonight, feeling all bummed and lonely, i decided to google some of these issues.  wow.  there’s research linking brain lesions to all of them!  mycoplasma is this crazy small bacteria that lacks a cell wall and lives in other cells in your body.  it causes brain lesions.  HHV6 was found in inflammed patches in white matter.  EBV has always had a strong MS correlation.  wow.  so, all of those put together means the perfect storm for inflammation.  also, HHV6 disables the oligodendrocytes!  when i first found out that my myelin was being destroyed, i learned about these little guys (pictured here)   they look like sea monsters but they are cells that scoot along the myelin in your central nervous system and rebuild it!  when i pray for my healing, i always ask for the oligodendrocytes to wake up and do their job to rebuild my brain.  poor guys!  they can’t do their job because of this stupid virus.  ugh!

anyway, all of this creepy scary news is actually really good.  it gives me renewed hope for a whole brain without inflammation.  i know my mycoplasma treatment is working because it made me way sick and tired.  i hope the other stuff is working, too.  i’m excited to know some more causes for my illness that can and are being treated.  i want so badly to be well.


  well, we survived, just barely.  DC got covered in snow, NoVA and maryland were crippled.  highways are still a mess.  it was beautiful.  this midwest girl loved every minute.  enjoy the video 🙂

i went to the huge nearby mall this saturday.  while usually this is a recipe for disaster i was shielded this week from the crowds by a steady clean snowfall that lasted all day, keeping mall patrons in their various suburbs.  i was pleased.  i cleaned up, getting winter clothes at very good discounts.  i got 3 nice stretchy shiny dressy cowl-neck-lite tops at banana for less than $10 each.  and this awesome cable knit sweater for under $20.  boo yah.

it’s always funny to go shopping at the mall during the real winter.  everyone’s putting out their spring lines!  bikinis, white t-shirts, rolled khakis.  meanwhile, i’ve got to scrape my windshield and wear waterproof boots to get to the mall.  is everyone taking a tropical vacation and not letting me know?

the new colors for spring were a little disappointing.  now, keep in mind, i’m a summer so i like bright clear colors.  i fear the new line features brown-gray neutrals, pale dusty roses and pale minty greens.  sounds like the mutant bastard yucky colors of the apocalypse if you ask me.  no thanks.  oh well.  i wasn’t in the market for spring clothes anyway.  i’ll fight those battles in a few months when i need clothes for legitimately warm weather.  it was a nice day at the mall