this weekend was lovely.  it was full of unexpected surprises and great connections

Friday: Dinner with Glenn at a restaurant with glowing menus.  we got delicious salads, walked around clarendon in the crisp fall air, ran an errand, then landed at my house on the couches where we watched mad men and drank merlot.  it was lovely.

Saturday: Was graciously chauffeured from my house to meet friends for a lovely hike in Shenandoah valley near Skyline drive.  The hike was “moderately difficult,” the trail mix delicious, company lovely, conversation lively (ranging from literature to milkshakes to the portrayal of men in modern sitcoms to grad school and how we’re at the point in life where major decisions are behind us!).  I was exhausted, exhilarated after a few hours of hiking.  we got some great photos, too.  the drive back included a stop at a fruit/farm stand for some apple cider and dinner at chick-fil-a.  When we returned, I wanted to pass out, but instead I put on my riding boots and went out to meet another group of friends to celebrate a birthday at my favorite neighborhood wine bar.  After a glass and a few apps, we ate gluten-free cupcakes.  what a sweet ending to a great day!  I then came home and watched a few episodes of Mad Men and cleaned out my closets!

Sunday: Church in the morning, complete with an oldschool preacher who was a captivating storyteller and a great lineup of music.  Helped a coworker for an hour for an event today, went to my old Trader Joe’s for a few groceries, came home and cooked some tasty healthy food for lunch.  When I was just drifting off into napland, I got a call from a sick friend who wanted to GIVE AWAY her ticket to see the Civil Wars, a folky acoustic duo who I had heard a few times and liked.  I said of course!  Off to the church to help with a freelance design project, into my slouchy boots and bomber jacket and then down to DC for the show.  The concert was amazing.  the only show that’s come close was OtR at Canal Street in 2005! It was intimate, the two musicians had an amazing chemistry.  Their music was flawless and artistic–it just flowed out of them.  Also, the female vocalist was joyful–it was clear she was having a delightful time singing and we just got to watch.  I can’t tell you how good it was for me to see them interacting and sharing their music and hearts with all of us.  I had a wonderful time.

There you have it.  I didn’t catch up on my sleep.  I didn’t rest.  But I got to spend time with wonderful people and take in God’s art and some fantastic music.  I got to eat good food, laugh, hear from my friends about what’s important.  I’ll sleep tonight.  Maybe.  🙂