i love pop country. i like the older stuff, too, but i really like the chart toppers. i love me some taylor swift and her crushes and the songs about getting drunk when seeing your ex. bring it on.

there are two songs in rotation now that make me think of the gospel.

Miranda Lambert’s Heart Like Mine – This song is about not fitting in in the church and understanding grace. She also refers to Jesus as a real person, who lived and breathed and met people where they’re at. I love it.

Darius Rucker’s This – This one doesn’t mention Jesus or God, and could easily be about fate in general, but when i listen, i hear that it is all about providence. not determinism, but the idea that God allows us to have choices, will, authority, but that he’s ultimately got the end of the story figured out. i love this. i cause myself extreme anxiety when i think that every choice i make could ruin my life. it’s really not true. God’s got it worked out and I can act and trust that He’ll be good to me, like he’s promised.