really, it was perfect.

dozed while watching the snow fall, blow, and drift through the window
ate a leisurely bruch
work cancelled for my roomate 🙂
watched a little Pride & Prejudice
got bundled up
ran an errand
drove to the pastor & his wife’s amazing house in the woods
put on the ski bibs, funny hat and gloves
snowball fight!
snowmanstachesnowman sculpting–complete with a mustache!
sledding down the hill!
black diamond sledding with near-death experience!
snow in my face!
sledding behind the four-wheeler!
back inside
rotisserie dance in front of the fire
salsa soup
hot chocolate
hat head
impromptu charades
laughing in the kitchen
hugs goodbye
shopping at TJMaxx (complete with weird dress fashion show)
Indian dinner with friends
more P&P
scraping off the car
trip to arlington
sleeping soundly

mm, it was good.   i laughed a lot.  i felt like a kid.  i forgot about my cares.  i’m so glad.