• running yesterday before church on the trail near my house and having a light breeze blow pink cherry blossoms on me!
  • my “new” used car that doesn’t need brake fluid, oil or antifreeze top offs every few drives 🙂
  • a lovely visit from my sister
  • a lovely visit from my parents
  • some of my grandmother’s lovely white antique dishes given to me by my mom!
  • lots of pounds of grass-fed sustainably-raised meats from an awesome farm in PA and from my parents’ (whole chickens! ground sausage!  fresh pastured eggs!)
  • my lovely friends who come to impromptu St. Patty’s day parties, write me emails, go with me to see the cherry blossoms, let me freak out
  • my new pink jeans
  • the new season of mad men starting up again
  • having a friend give me an awesome 60’s updo/beehive for a mad men party last night
  • new connections
  • sunshine
  • emails in a few days from my 2 of my favorite mentorfriends
  • being able to get to sleep
  • my new jewelry hanger on my door that was made from cleverly repurposed supplies
  • risotto made with new garlic and lemon zest
  • summer plans to NYC and the beach

it’s turning out to be a lovely spring.  i’ve been really tired the past few weeks (hence the blogging hiatus) but I think i’m back 🙂