Screen shot 2013-01-01 at 4.01.34 PMTrips:

  •  a week at a beach house in Wilmington, NC with friends (I did most of the planning)
  • NYC for a long weekend with friends
  • weekend in Charlottesville
  • weekend at Smith Mountain Lake
  • home to Ohio twice

Parties I hosted/co-hosted:

  • Mad Men themed costume party
  • Margarita birthday party
  • Easter dinner feast
  • a house concert for High Street Hymns
  • a Fellows Reunion dinner party
  • 2 Vision Nights
  • hosted a dinner party for an out-of-town friend, planned a promotion happy hour for a friend, planned a birthday hike for another friend, planned a housewarming/art party for another friend, planned a restaurant week outing,

Social Organizations:

  • switched churches
  • began serving on a nonprofit board of directors
  • hosted a newcomer’s dinner for my old church, attended one for my new church
  • I went on a women’s retreat for my old church
  • Spoke at a women’s prayer breakfast about my health journey
  • Went on a board retreat for nonprofit


  • did healing prayer with several friends
  • received healing prayer ministry from mentors
  • took Restarting, Forming, Belonging, Theophostic Prayer Counseling
  • learned to hear God’s voice, started a journal for cool stuff God has said to me
  • met with my pastor 3x to share my vision for healing prayer


  • went to 9 christmas parties
  • saw Ray LaMontagne
  • saw Josh Garrels
  • attended a murder mystery dinner party
  • ran the Dash for Dad 4 miler, cherry blossom 5k, 5k at LaPlata HS, and DC Color Run 5k
  • went sailing


  • took on a significant freelance project for money!
  • designed pro bono sermon graphics for old church
  • designed pro bono advertising collateral for an art exhibit in the czech republic
  • designed pro bono course catalog for local nonprofit


  • 15 IV’s
  • 9 doctor’s appointments
  • 27 PT appointments
  • 360 smoothies
  • lots of vegetables and also, french fries.

Random accomplishments:

  • learned to roast a chicken
  • got a new car
  • went on 32 dates with 15 guys
  • got a financial planner, started saving intentionally for retirement
  • finished reading through the Bible in a year
  • read Getting Things Done and mostly implemented it
  • got through the aftermath of a tough breakup
  • painted & redecorated my bedroom
  • helped a friend get a job in a totally different sector
  • met 2 of my mentors: Arthur Burk and David Takle
  • my sister visited me for a week
  • became friends with praying alt-health moms
  • I went to the shooting range

I also worked a full-time job and hung out with a lot of friends one-on-one.  2012 was a great year.  Full, filled to the brim with good friends and blessings and opportunities.  For the first time in my life, I feel really content and happy with what’s unfolding in front of me, even though it’s not what I would have chosen.  I’m confident 2013 will be even better, even if there are hard things.

I leave you with this benediction from one of my rad mentors, Arthur Burk:

“From my pilgrimage, from where I’ve walked, I bless you with no wasted pain. There will be pain. There’ll be all sorts of different colors and flavors of pain. But I bless you with being able to leverage every pain point into authority, into growth, failing forward, moving on, being dangerous. I bless you and your entire ministry. No wasted pain anywhere in the journey. Amen.”