i’ve been thinking about a sense of place lately. since i lost my job again, i’m wondering why i’m here. i know why and i’m going to stick around, but it’s interesting to think about. i also realized that i have some airline miles that are about to expire and i wondered where i could go where i have a cluster of friends. my first thought was madison. but then i thought about it. my host family now lives in ethiopia. a few of my coworkers still work at IV, but one is in central cali and the other is in texas. bummer. well, what about philly? i have one dear friend there, but the other moved to the czech republic. snap. i have a good friend in louisville, ky. i have some family in NJ. there are two important people in san diego, but i just went there. it’s strange, being in our 20s. we’re all moving around for careers, for grad schools, for spouses. i have a lot of dear friends here and a great church community, so i’ll stay here for now. i guess in heaven i’ll have a big concentration of dear friends. i’m looking forward to that. until then, here’s a shout out to the buddies across the map. love you guys. let’s hang out soon.