I really like to make bulleted lists of things I’ve done. So here’s a little snapshot of my time in SoCal:

  • 2 carne asada burritos
  • an afternoon in balboa park
  • 2 trips to the beach
  • worshiping at ACR with Julie–we raised our hands during the Nicene creed
  • meeting a very important man and eating exotic ethnic food
  • breakfast and laughter with an insightful friend
  • quality time with my brother-in-law
  • lots of 24. too much, in fact
  • return of the stabbing chest pain. crap.
  • lots of movies: It’s a Wonderful Life, the Dark Knight, Under our Skin
  • laughing in the sunshine

I really expected a siren of San Diego to be calling to me to move out there and it just wasn’t. I’d love to live there one day, but VA is home–for now. It’s where I belong, it’s where God has [comically] led me and kept me and I’m going to stick around for a while longer. Maybe the beach will be next on the list. We do have to move to live near water, mountains, friends. For now, I have friends near and I am happy.