I was talking with Emily today and we briefly recapped our weekends. She reported that she was happy and relaxed, having taken the last few days to recharge, take care of herself, maintain her world, and rest. I exclaimed that I was happy because I was exhausted from seeing and talking with all my favorite people! This weekend was an extrovert’s dream!

Signed up for Google+, hung out with a coworker 5 feet away
Wore a flirty-yet-fierce outfit out to a fantastic GF southwest restaurant with my BF
Cuddled and watched an epic movie about brave men

Got up way too freakin’ early to complete day one, week three of my running plan. finished, then ran an extra interval with friends who are training for a 10 miler.
Met a friend for a delish GF brunch (Iraqi corned beef hash? yes, please!)
Took a nap
Got ready for a wedding by doing a video consult with a friend. Decided to swap accessories.
Successfully incorporated pink belt into outfit before the ceremony started
Attended a beautiful wedding for people that I love
Ate some delicious brie at the reception
Went out for Pan asian food and drinks for the after party
Chatted with my sister on the west coast

Church, awesome sermon about suffering and not comparing yourself to others (what is that to you? you follow me!)
delicious fried rice leftovers with my BF
pool time!
Delicious thai food with a long-lost friend from college
harvest, on remembering the right things
Chatted with my mom
Passed out. Full, happy, exhausted 🙂