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the newest form of crack is right here:

canned chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. no idea what adobo sauce is. all i know is, i made some chicken with my man and put some of these bad boys in the marinade. wow. they’ve got a smoky heat that just keeps on going. throw some in your next batch of mexican cuisine and be amazed. oh, it’s in the real mexican aisle, not the one for gringos.

you’ll thank me later!


What does the overachiever bring to her boyfriend’s house for a lazy saturday afternoon?

– a laptop to do work work and 2 freelance projects

– 2 books

– a journal and some markers

I fit in in DC.  I am a type-A person.

one of my governing values is variety.  this shows up a lot in my culinary choices.  i like to mix it up, try new things (although i don’t mix different ethnic groups at one meal if i can help it).  anyway, i was getting burned out on the normal texmex joints.  chipotle, qudoba, moe’s.  my office mate loves his texmex so if we decide to break free from our office during the week, it’s usually to get a burrito.  i don’t mind, but i was getting tired.

we went back to chipotle, my first love, and i stared down the line.  another chicken burrito bowl with corn salsa.  but something inside me said, no, not this time.

so i decided to mix it up.

i got the tacos, but i got a different type of meat in each, then turned up the variety and mixed up the salsas, too.  carnitas with medium, steak with pico, chicken with corn.  yes please!  all the different flavors made me really happy!  try the chipotle taco mixup the next time you’re there!  it’s delicious and anything but boring.