the secret of kells (available streaming on netflix) thanks for the recommendation Jane!

delicious corned beef (from TJ’s) and mashed potatoes

My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend“–a surprisingly well-done rom com available streaming on netflix


my physical therapist from a few years ago who just moved practices is now 10 mins from my office 🙂

hanging out with charismatics and presbyterians in the same weekend

Rockland’s barbeque

“O Love that will not let me go” by Indelible grace or Christ Community College (look it up on grooveshark)

grooveshark, netflix streaming

all the beautiful design and typography that is proliferating with the ipad and increasing design awareness in general

daffodils pushing out of the ground


God speaking to people through words, verses, and pictures

people who expect God to speak through words, verses, and pictures

my new phone which is my boyfriend’s old phone 🙂

grass-fed new zealand cheddar from Trader Joe’s

talking to Talitha