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last night was lovely.  it felt like 8 years ago in Michigan.  I was a freshman at college in Michigan and we had lots of snow followed by a fantastic ice storm that knocked out the power–lights and all.  we couldn’t do anything but sit in the lobby in our new flannel pj’s and fleece blankets and talk til late in the night.   we had a wonderful time bonding by forbidden candlelight. the whole experience was magical. we got the real scoop on the recent college scandal, talked about boys, shared our hearts.  the next day the power came back on and we surveyed the fallen trees and were a little grateful for the time spent together.

fast forward to the present.  we’ve had an internet outage in our apartment since Friday morning.  I thought it was a glich until Saturday afternoon when I did some preliminary troubleshooting, but I was seriously inconvenienced on Sunday and decided last night to just embrace it.  the design edits, banking, emailing and everything just had to wait.  instead, i lingered after dinner with my roomates, hearing about their weekends, love lives, dreams and hopes.  then we kept lingering, talking til almost midnight.  we had light this time, but the lack of internet forced us together.  i’m glad to know more of my new roomate’s story.  it is rich and high contrast.  i’m glad for an evening to spend at home, being present with friends.


This weekend i:
bene– poached 20 eggs
– stage managed a complex breakfast featuring eggs benedict for 10 people with a support staff of 3 to run the toaster, stir the hollandaise sauce, and wash the dishes.  My roomate also made crepes.  It was a delightful brunch and everyone left delightfully full.
– made my way through home depot, triumphantly emerging with a gallon of buttered sweet corn yellow paint for the dining room, a tree for the living room (and appropriate accessories), a 94” curtain rod, and some blue painter’s tape.  It was a lot to manage.
– went to the pool twice
– set up my new workstation that doesn’t work (old ibooks don’t like new monitors with high resolution)
– attended a cookout
– helped my boyfriend move into his sweet new townhouse
– painted most of a cool painting on 3 square canvases in a sabrina ward harrison style.  I’m really pleased and look forward to finishing it this week
– made a little italian dinner for kristen, then watched a fabulous teeny-bopper movie
– deleted 10gb of junk off my ibook
– spent an hour on the phone with tech support for our router.  Got nowhere.
– ate delicious thai food
– went to a cocktail party