Archives for the month of: February, 2009

i just bought car insurance from geico and i feel all the warm fuzzies of brand loyalty to the little gecko with the cockney accent

i resonate with their commercials and appreciate the market research they’ve done for my pomo demographic.  i am rewarding their cleverness with my business.

and there are a few more joys to add to the list!!  yay!

(1) i just got some bloodwork back from my doc. there are about 4 ways to monitor the progression/healing of lyme disease and i just got 2 results back that show good improvement! one is a specific white blood cell count that’s up higher than it’s ever been (up to the normal range!) and another marker of active lyme infection that is down dramatically–10% of what it was when i last had bloodwork done before Christmas. so this is all good news. i’ll get another MRI in a month or two and i’m waiting to see about how many lyme antibodies i’m producing, so we’ll cover the 4 markers. it’s good news, friends. thanks for celebrating with me 🙂

(2) the evil stimulus package has a lovely provision in it where the feds will pay 65% of my cobra premiums (which are sicknasty expensive) since i was laid off since sept 1.  awesome!

hello, friends. it’s been a while. i was telling kristen that the reason i haven’t written is that usually i am sad during the week and when i am more lighthearted on the weekends, i’m doing lots of stuff. so, i’m going to write about both. true joys will be bolded.  even if they’re all jumbled up in my life, on my blog they will have different type treatments. deal?

  • Rocephin and Tindamax make my stomach hurt most of the time
  • This is probably good practice for morning sickness if i am ever pregnant someday
  • One thing that’s making me feel better is this crazy juice that has seaweed in it
  • It’s expensive
  • My parents are paying for it
  • My parents are paying for a lot of things these days, including my antibiotics which the virginia bureau of insurance has decided aren’t necessary for my health insurance to pay for.
  • This is unjust.
  • I am doing hyperbaric oxygen treatments again, this time at 49 feet below sea level
  • I’ve met some cool Lyme folks diving
  • Lyme really messes up your brain and body
  • I’d like to show the creepy lyme documentary to my friends, but i’m afraid no one will like me after
  • I’m tired a lot of the time
  • Last week I felt like I was going crazy again.
  • I’m taking an intro to counseling class. hopefully this will stave off the craziness?
  • I have a wonderful (and real) boyfriend
  • I have amazing friends
  • I love my roomates
  • I love my family
  • My car is almost registered in Virginia.  Almost.
  • I still smile at Casey
  • I keep looking for God to do certain things in my life and he doesn’t do them on my timetable. I’m trying to get used to this–again
  • I bought a new set of acrylic paints and a few deep square canvases
  • I saw Over the Rhine last weekend with a few dear friends. It was an amazing experience.
  • I swear when I see that MSG (or one of its friends: hydrolyzed protein or autolyzed yeast) is in something I like to eat.
  • Being in a different time zone from someone you love sucks.
  • The weather here has been gorgeous.
  • I wish I could break up with my IV antibiotics, but I can’t.
  • I’ve been on a taco kick lately. I make some mean tacos and guac.
  • I have been terrible at answering your emails and phone calls. It’s just been harder lately.
  • I only work 20 hours a week. People seem shocked by this and ask me what I do with the rest of my time. I just manage my illness. I sleep enough, I make special food, I go to physical therapy, I take supplements & meds, I do an IV drip 2 hours a day, I breathe oxygen under pressure for a few hours a day, I pray. The time adds up.
  • I’m excited to see my fam
  • I really want to go on a silent retreat, but am too much of an extrovert to do it alone.
  • I’m aching to do something cool with my life, but somehow I feel stuck. I did not envision myself battling chronic lyme, my insurance companies, and fatigue when I was 25.
  • I am well-loved.