i should be in bed, but i’ve decided i need to post a happy post because they seem hard to come by these days. i had SUCH a wonderful last few days:
– 24 hours with leah including blockus, hanging w rex & deborah, feeling known, thinking through college, laughing, going to an art history class, a good convo with t and leah at the same time, and lots of winter wheat and blooming cherry trees
– thai food and frozen mango with friends
– a baby shower featuring fresh strawberries with truffles, baby talk, pink onesies, sundry midwest college connections and new and old friends
– a hott date at la tasca with sangria, custard, and excellent conversation
– directional hottness
– breakfast and catching up w bridget
– james 5 elder prayer action
– car diagnosis and cheap fix
– 20somethings lyme support group (i am not the lyme encyclopedia around these kids–i barely know anything at all.)
– new license plates! new tag lights!
– chillin’ in the park
– visiting kp’s new house with no furniture

gosh, this was such a good weekend. good for my soul, heart, body. i’m so glad and feel so well-loved. also, it’s been a week off my iv antibiotics and i don’t feel like i’m going crazy.  all around awesome news.