try saying shoulder surgery 10 times fast.  you’ll get the title of this post.

Here’s some stuff that I did/learned/experienced while I was on narcotics, on the couch, hooked up to an ice machine, in VA, in Ohio, for the past 5 weeks:

read: Become your own Matchmaker – Patti Stanger.  This woman is a genius.  One of the best dating books I’ve read.

read: The Return of the Prodigal Son – Henri Nouwen.  Nouwen writes with such tenderness and insight.  Do yourself a favor and get any book he’s written.

audiobook-listened-to: Smart Women Finish Rich – David Bach.  A great book on personal finance, written for women.  A lot of review, but I really appreciated the unique approach of starting with your values.

read: A Wind at the Door – Madeline L’Engle.  I read A Wrinkle in Time a few years ago and am slowly making my way through the series.  This one is about mitochondria and cherubim!

read: On Love: Aspects of a Single Theme – Ortega y Gasset.  This is a book of essays on what love is.  It was pretty heady, but enjoyable.  Favorite concept: Who you choose to create a romance with reveals more about your true self than anything else.

visited: Dayton Designer Showhouse.  and I took illegal pictures of animal print chairs, flower arrangements, toss pillows, and drawings.  It was so beautiful and inspiring!

visited: Cincinnati!  Stephanie!  IKEA!  

rested: in Ohio for 10 days

experienced: one cousin’s cheer routine, my other cousin’s little league baseball game

tasted: mussels at Lyon Hall, crepes at Oby Lee, wild rice at Jackson’s

watched: NOVA series on The Elegant Universe.  Hello String Theory, 11 dimensions and space-time.  Really sweet stuff

watched: Bruce Lipton lecturing on the Biology of belief

went on: a silent retreat.  let me tell you: 7 hours of silence is like the widow’s mite.  It may not look like much, but, man, it’s all I’ve got.

cleaned: my closets!

watched: way too much Arrested Development.  Old stuff and new.  Fav episode of new series?  4:11.  Same!

acquired: a sweet baker’s rack, a dining room table that seats 6, some cool peacock prints for my walls and sweet frames to highlight Talitha’s awesome photos of Turkey.

tested: Tinder.  What a crazy experience.

realized: I have amazing friends.  I have the most supportive family in the world.  I am loved and legitimate even if I’m not productive.  The world will go on if I’m not being a good friend, working, volunteering, organizing or doing other things that provide value. Ice is the best thing ever.