and there are a few more joys to add to the list!!  yay!

(1) i just got some bloodwork back from my doc. there are about 4 ways to monitor the progression/healing of lyme disease and i just got 2 results back that show good improvement! one is a specific white blood cell count that’s up higher than it’s ever been (up to the normal range!) and another marker of active lyme infection that is down dramatically–10% of what it was when i last had bloodwork done before Christmas. so this is all good news. i’ll get another MRI in a month or two and i’m waiting to see about how many lyme antibodies i’m producing, so we’ll cover the 4 markers. it’s good news, friends. thanks for celebrating with me 🙂

(2) the evil stimulus package has a lovely provision in it where the feds will pay 65% of my cobra premiums (which are sicknasty expensive) since i was laid off since sept 1.  awesome!