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r: “where are you girls going?”
j: “to a denison whitmer show in arlington”
r: “oh yeah? what kind of music do they play?”
j: “he’s a singer/songwriter–mostly indie folk”
r: “eww, folk. i could be on board for the indie, but no folk”
j: “have you heard of Sufjan?”
r: “who?”
j: ….
r: ….?
j: “have a nice evening!”


No, thanks.  I just read an article from Wired called Twitter, Flickr, Facebook Make Blogs Look So 2004. The article encourages people to stop writing blogs and to just post videos and blurbs on facebook and twitter. ugh.

I’ve had a blog since fall 2004 and I really enjoy having a creative outlet. maybe other people don’t think in monologues, but I do, and I love being able to get the words just right in a forum other than my journal. I’ve thought about blogging a lot: is it inherently narcissistic? is it just adding to the noise and drivel on the internet? is it creating a false sense of knowing through an impersonal medium? hmm, maybe. and yet, here I am. I feel like there are too many things to be written about and I am glad that technology has given me the opportunity to post a few words in a place where dear friends can read them. Also, if I am adding to the noise and junk on the internet, I’d prefer to do it with complete sentences rather than with awkward fragments on Twitter.


i like country music. i’m a little ashamed to admit it because if you meet me in the right context, i can wow you with my indie cred. i like to be all arrogant about how the Photo Album is Death Cab’s best. i saw Sufjan Stevens at the pabst theater and cried. i can part my hair so it completely obscures one eye. hip. emo. whatever.

but i like country. a lot. my ipod got stolen a few weeks ago and i’ve been fairly content toggling between country, rock and mix radio, going really heavy on the country. i used to hate country and for a long time i was ashamed to be a farm girl. only recently have i come to realize what a rich heritage i have and contrary to what i thought growing up, an area with lots of [agri]culture. my distain for this twangy genre changed to respect one misty night in michigan when a dear friend introduced me to a dixie chicks song. i was hooked. now here i am, listening to pop country on the radio. i haven’t bought too much country and i barely know who are the artists i like, but i’m learning. a friend helped me to see that country songs are compelling because many of them tell a story. i’ve compiled here for your pop country education a short list of songs that are catchy, clever, and heartwarming: my favorite songs from the radio over the last year or so. most of them have links to youtube videos for simplicity but the videos are sometimes weird or cheesy or high school slideshows set to music, so for best results just open it in another tab and listen. I hope you enjoy these. I’m going to go put on some chucks and dark eyeliner now.

Where the Green Grass Grows – Tim McGraw
Amarillo Sky – Jason Aldean
International Harvester – Craig Morgan
Holler Back – The Lost Trailers
Baby Girl – Sugarland
Born to Fly – Sara Evans
Who I Am – Jessica Andrews
Bbq Stain – Tim McGraw
Cleaning this Gun – Rodney Atkins
Cowboy Take Me Away – Dixie Chicks

A: “I wanted to celebrate Rosh Hashanna by throwing stuff in a river, but I just don’t have time”
B: “You could celebrate Ramadan instead by eating a lot and smoking”

after viewing last week’s map (psst, scroll down) you may be asking: who cares about lyme disease?  where can I find someone who will check me for ticks?  well, this map clearly explains that they’re in rural areas and on the west coast.  note that my current city of choice (which i’m not committed to) has one of the biggest overpopulations of women.  men of DC, take this opportunity to ask a girl out.  ladies, who is up for a move to Denver or San Diego?  hmmm?

all the sudden, i’m a lyme activist.  i’m stuck between two sides of a chasm of differing ideas about testing, progression, and treatment.  it’s wild.  on the one side is the ISDA and CDC who believe that Lyme disease is not a big deal, can be treated with 4 weeks of oral antibiotics and has no long-lasting late chronic consequences.  On the other side is ILADS who believe that Lyme as a persistent chronic infection with neurological consequences that must be treated with months of aggressive antibiotic therapy.  i am now an activist because my insurance completely denied my claim for treatment and are not even covering the obligatory 4 weeks. i’m shocked and have shifted my battle from the bacteria alone to the bacteria and my insurance company, the current CDC standards for testing and treatment, and people who “don’t believe” in late chronic lyme despite evidence to the contrary.

i’m totally being erin brockovich.  i called the local news, i called 2 representatives (my district and the adjoining one, who is a lyme sympathizer), one state rep, my senator and i’ve called insurance 3 times and my doctor has had 2 peer-to-peer reviews with my insurance.  it’s crazy.

to learn a little about love, check out this movie and read this article.

yesterday as i was driving through maryland, i decided to write another small blog post that said something about how no men want to commit anymore and how none of my friends will ever get married. then i had a chat with Bridget where she referenced an article by the woman who wrote about the global SYF movement. That article was truly fascinating because it described the life that i and my single friends are living and linked us to women across the world. Well, she’s done it again. With great humor and insight, she’s put her finger on the pulse of changing American culture and young men in particular. Apparently, it’s not just my friends and I (and Carrie Bradshaw) who ware whining about men–it’s an epidemic. Cleverly titled Child-Man in the Promised Land, this article is fascinating. it addresses all our favorite sources of discontent: why men don’t grow up and refuse to commit, why they play video games and indulge in other media, and the general cultural shifts that have made all this possible. I think her theories about what has gone awry are a little weak and there are much bigger factors, but I still enjoyed what she had to say. take some time to read it and tell me what you think.

good love songs are hard to come by. if i owned any of these tracks, they’d be on my “Amy means Beloved” mix, but they’re available online, so i haven’t bought them. the good thing is that you can listen to all 3 streaming by clicking on the titles.

Dustin Kensrue: Pistol

Love how you curse when I wake you up
Sweetly demand that I fill your cup
With the smile of your cool gun powder glare
Honey, you lay me bare

You’re the girl of my dreams
And a pistol it seems, but you shoot me straight and true
Time to lay down my bets
Oh, I put all my money on you

When I’m in the dark, girl, you bring me light
Seems like you’re almost always right
So keep boxing my ears when I sew them shut
Baby, you sure are tough

You’re the girl of my dreams
And a pistol it seems, but you shoot me straight and true
Time to lay down my fears
Honey, I feel so safe around you

Tiller man taught me anything
It’s that a hard-headed woman is what I need
To help me to always do my best
Baby, my life is blessed

You’re the girl of my dreams
Darling, please wear this ring
You’re an angel through and through
Time to lay down my life
Honey, I’d do it gladly for you

Time to lay down my life
Honey, I’d do it gladly for you

Derek Webb: I Wanna Marry You Again

I wanna marry you all over again,
I wanna meet you and I wanna be friends.

I wanna chase you all the way to Tennessee.

I’ll meet your parents at the airport bar,
I’ll take you out in my rental car.
I wanna court you on the record label’s dime.

Come on baby, let’s go back to the start.
Take it back, sugar, then gimme your heart
Don’t you know, baby, I would do it all over again

I wanna buy you an old upright.
I wanna accidentally stay all night.
I wanna read the Bible, and I wanna make out.

I wanna marry you all over again.
I wanna fall in love and say we’re just friends,
I wanna race you all the way to Kansas City.

Come on baby, let’s go back to the start.
Take it back, sugar, then gimme your heart.
Don’t you know, baby, I would do it all over again

I wanna give you a diamond ring, and then we’ll run into m ex-girlfriend.
Oh, I wanna sing songs while the sun’s going down.

Come on baby, let’s go back to the start.
Take it back, sugar, then gimme your heart.
Don’t you know, baby, I would do it all over again

And, lastly, a bit of a twist from OtR. It’s a song about being in love with love, not with a particular person. intriguing and hot, like we’ve come to expect from Karin.

Over the Rhine: Desperate for Love

Are you feelin’ A little desperate
Get on your knees And confess it
Honey please Don’t second guess it
You’re desperate For love

Is this just A little fling
Or is it about A little bling bling
Either way You feel the sting sting
You’re desperate For love

It might only take a kiss
For the plot to take a twist
That you hadn’t counted on

Just a tiny little minute
But eternity will be in it
If you turn me on

Red wine on my lips
Got this black silk slip on my hips
The kitchen faucet just drips and drips
You’re desperate for love

if you’re a health food store frequenter like me, you should probably start raising the roof right now. why? because this link is about to save you a lot of money! is your new best friend.

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