I have several girl crushes.  Women I haven’t met but think are awesome.  These three are this week’s winners.

Grace Potter
Gorgeous supermodel rockstar who has an amazing voice!  I feel like I’m late to the party on this one.  Katy, I’m indebted to you for telling me about her.  Her music rocks.

Sarah Wilson

An Aussie food blogger, autoimmune warrior, cookbook-writer, occasional news anchor.  She’s beautiful and doesn’t eat sugar and is into alternative health stuff.  What’s not to love?

Ann Louise Gittleman

Ann Louise is the first lady of nutrition.  She’s written a ton of books about health, pioneering some cool fields.  This week I’m most grateful for her Fat Flush Body Protein which is the essential ingredient in all of my smoothies and her Hot Metabolism Cocktail recipe for cleansing the liver and detoxing.