This is a conversation between me and my coworker/mentor/boss. During that 3pm lull, we’ll often find each other and share cooking and fashion tips.  She’s got a great sense of style and we both have a pair of snakeskin heels that we compliment each other on. This is your average girl conversation about clothes, but with a little design twist.  I love it!

me: “so, yeah, after the retreat, we went to the outlet mall!”

design coworker: “ooh, what’d you get?”

me: “well, I got these two dresses. They’re both something that Betty Draper would wear to a casual picnic”

dc: “oh!  awesome!  what do they look like!”

me: “well, one has black and yellow designs that are kind of stripey but then there’s space and some little squares… (gesturing)”

dc: “like a Mondrian look?”

me:  “yeah, totally!  and the other one is…you know, that super bright orange that’s hip right now?”

dc: “like 021?”

me: “yeah! like that!”