one of my book chapter ideas below was to talk about how my iphone changed my life.  It has, irrevocably.  Nothing could make that more clear than not having my phone for an evening. I left it on my desk last night and didn’t realize it til 8pm when the building was locked.  I was meeting my friends at a bar and then at a parade, so I knew that if I didn’t get the timing just right, I’d have to sit at home by myself (which, you know by now, is basically torture for extrovert me)

anyway, by some miracle, i was able to meet my friends and have a lovely evening at my neighborhood’s yuppiest dive bar, at the small town mardi gras parade and then at the best chili spot for miles.  It was a great evening out, but the whole time, I saw things I needed to google and instagram/tweet.  upon arriving home, i realized that I didn’t know how to set my clock alarm anymore (it’s poorly designed, i promise).  I realized that it takes a lot of energy to get out of my bed to check my email and the weather on my computer.  when I arrived at work this morning, I had multiple texts from 4 people who thought I was ignoring them because seriously, WHO LEAVES HER PHONE AT WORK?  me, apparently.

and now, a list of apps that have changed everything:

Sleep Cycle:  $2, it uses the gyroscope in your phone to see where you are in your sleep cycle, maps it out for you on a line graph, then, within a certain amount of time, wakes you up when you are most likely in the lighter part of your sleep.  amazing, makes me feel more well-rested, also doesn’t have a snooze button which is very helpful

Ease into 5k: This app made me a runner.  add the $1 GPS feature and you can track distance and time.  awesome.

Wunderlist: lists, lots of lists.  on the cloud, so you can modify them on your computer.  it’s great for jotting stuff down on my way to the grocery store or when i’m feeling panicked in a meeting and need to make a to-do list.

Netflix: I watch movies with my headphones when I’m traveling and have to metro, shuttle, wait at the airport, wait on planes.  It’s great.

MapQuest: this app isn’t great, but the maps feature on iphone is terrible and this is free.  it reads to you and adjusts when you get lost.  It’s like having a slow friend who can only sortof read a map, but who will help you get on the highway when you need to.

Pandora: perfect for kids who don’t buy music

The Weather Channel: perfect for faux winters where you can’t tell whether to wear a pencil skirt with bare legs or a turtleneck with tweed pants.

YouVersion Bible: I got on a sweet one year reading plan (OWNit365) that I followed faithfully for about 7 months.  I’m stalling out in the major prophets.  Isaiah 40, where are you so far away??

Instagram: Yup, I’m that obnoxious girl who posts vintage-filtered photos on facebook.  I LOVE this app.  Because it burns in the corners, you’re more likely to get a good composition.  Also, I love squares.  It allows you to post to twitter or whatever social media you want.

Parkmobile: No need for quarters when parking in DC!  win!  Note, this doesn’t work for other cars with other license plates.

Flashlight: Because sometimes it gets dark on your run and the bush where you threw your keys seems to have eaten them…

JotNot Pro: $2 allows you to take pictures of documents and then ups the contrast and allows you to crop them, creating a “scanned” document effect.  Great for receipts and medical bills!

Yelp: perfect for scanning nearby restaurants and quickly assessing quality