This is a transcript of an amazing portion of the conversation from a first coffee date I went on this weekend.  Enjoy!

me: so now that i’ve told you some of my friends’ awkward dating stories, do you have any?

he: yeah, i mean, i had one that was just weird.  i went out with this girl, like, 4 or 5 times and we just kept arguing about the same thing!  we couldn’t agree to disagree. i mean, i don’t know how you feel about the whole organic/local movement?

me: i’m a fan

he: well, maybe i shouldn’t tell you this, then. i just don’t want to have the same thing happen

me: oh?

he: yeah, so, anyway, i’m a burger guy.  and there’s this place that makes amazing burgers.  and there’s a place that makes mediocre burgers.  both of them serve organic, local stuff.  they’re both about the same price (not cheap). i’m willing to pay a little more for the one that’s delicious and not for the other one.  so i’m at this restaurant with this girl and she’s going on and on about how she thinks organic food is so much better. and i tell her, it doesn’t always taste better!  and she says,  yes it does!  and  it’s better for you!  and i say, no, there’s nothing the proves it’s better for you. there’s no research!  and she just keeps going on and on!  meanwhile, my burger was overcooked and not that great, but she tastes it and says it’s delicious.  i just think she’s was delusional about  that.  thinking it is better for you when it’s really not, thinking it tastes good when it really doesn’t.  you know?

me: yeah, mm, i can see how that would be a big conflict in values.  you not wanting to get ripped off, her not wanting to budge on her convictions about health

he: yeah, i just don’t get people who are super into that stuff.  it just doesn’t make sense to me.  there’s just no proof that it’s better for you, it’s expensive and it doesn’t always taste good. what’s the point?  i just think the whole movement is kind of ridiculous.

me: mmm, yeah.

he didn’t realize that even as he was telling me his best bad date story, he was becoming mine!  organic haters, step off.