The Valentine’s day might have been the best on record.  I emailed a few girlfriends:

Does anyone want to get together for Valentine’s Day?  If that holiday gives you a little bit of a stomach ache, no worries, it does for me, too.  I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to “celebrate” or just duck and let it pass over me this year. But, the thought of sitting on my couch alone, letting a made-up holiday make me feel lonely made me mad enough to want to throw a party! Instead of going out for drinks and spending a lot of money, I’d like to propose a very mellow get-together at my place.  Bring a bottle of wine or a dessert to share.  It will be low-key and relaxing and I expect lots of toasts and good stories.  Be thinking about sharing a good bad date story from you or “a friend.”

 The event was a smashing success.  Literally.  Someone brought a pinata.  haha!  We sat around, ate, drank, introduced ourselves, then told amazingly awkward bad date stories.  the guy who asked the girl to pay for dinner because she wasted his time!  the one who wouldn’t get the hint and went in for the kiss anyway!  footsie gone wild!  coercive moms!  awkward grandparents!  confessions of love way too early–or too late!  it was amazing.  you wish you could have been there.

It wasn’t a big man-bashing event.  Most men were highly regarded, unless they did something really stupid (see above).  It was more about bonding over our common embarrassments and stories we share as single ladies in our mid-to-late 20’s.  I loved the group that came, most of us didn’t know each other super well, but by the end of the evening, I think we’re all friends 🙂  It was great!