I had a moment of clarity last night while I was driving home.  I was overcome with gratefulness to God for weaving redemption through my story. It’s a good story!  I forget that often and convince myself I’m living a tragedy that no one would want to experience with me.  Anyway, last night I was overcome with the reality that God is good and that he’s writing a great story.  Bringing me to DC to be in the fellows program and meet all my friends and awesome professors, the jobs I’ve had, the guys I’ve dated, the health drama I’ve endured, all the things I’ve learned, it’s awesome.  Even before that, growing up on a farm, getting to go to a rad unconventional high school, going to a rad unconventional college, all the great friends I met there, then in Madison and at L’Abri–it’s a great story!  This weekend God broke up some icebergs of unbelief and unforgiveness and I was grateful again for His grace that he keeps offering to me, over and over again, in a thousand ways and contexts and relationships. It’s awesome.  Maybe I will write that book.  And 4 of you will read it 🙂