your life is like a movie.  you should write a book.  i hear this once a week.  actually, i heard it twice last weekend and twice the weekend before (granted, i have 2 good stories that i like to tell).  These will be some of the chapter headings for my book:

  • How I came to DC by stumbling into the fellows program
  • The Assault Proposal
  • Russ, my tall, quiet boyfriend who loved movies
  • Cristo & the back door to inner healing
  • November 29, 2001
  • How to find a mentor on Google: the Jessie story
  • The year I got laid off 3 times
  • How I became a runner
  • Urbana03 & Gospel Translation
  • the Gospel & Guinness: 2 months that changed everything

In addition to narrative chapters, I’ll have essays.

  • Why I am compelled to throw dinner parties
  • How design is the very best discipline
  • My love-hate relationship with Indian cooking
  • My best buddies
  • My  10 favorite supplements
  • The most beautiful things
  • How my iPhone changed my life

Advance order your copy today!  haha!