I’ve been thinking about scarcity a lot lately.

  • At work: there have been layoffs at the super high level: there isn’t enough money, so some people have to lose their jobs.  Also, I am asking for more money which is kindof scary!
  • In relationships: I hear from myself and my girlfriends: “…but, there aren’t any good men out there–or–If I let this one go, there won’t be another!  I’ve gotta do whatever it takes to hold on because there aren’t enough!”

Our whole world operates on the principle ofscarcity.  There are a fixed number of resources: time, money, whatever, and we’ve gotta manage it well–otherwise, it will be squandered or used up too quickly and then we’ll be left with nothing.

But is that really true?  I mean, only sortof.  God is the creator of resources.  He made time, he makes weather. When he needed to pay taxes, he got a fish to come spit them up.  When they needed lunch for a huge crowd, he thanked God and manufactured extra food.  He says we can come with a seed-sized faith and he’ll somehow make it big enough to move a mountain.

Pretty cool.  God has plenty to go around.