I am an extrovert.  Yesterday, I was tired.  really tired.  my brain was barely working.  i felt sad. i felt weird.  i left the house to pick up a prescription and buy some antifreeze.  before i left, i thought about stopping at a friend’s birthday party at a bowling alley.  after I gave my engine a drink, i got a few texts, asking when I was coming. I was guilted into it, so I drove over, knowing that I just needed to make a brief appearance and would stay for less than an hour.

I came home 8 hours later.  In that time, I bowled a great score (for me!), took a bunch of rad photos, rode in a sexy car, ate dinner with 20 friends, talked about online dating, went to another location for drinks, locked my keys in my car, called AAA, got them out, kept hanging out, met someone new, told my best story, laughed really hard and then it was 11pm.  How’d that happen?  well, I am an extrovert. People energize me. People make me happy!

Today I woke up feeling tireder and weirder and decided to cancel my evening plans to stay in and rest. It was a little painful to say no to more socializing, but after taking stock of my legitimate physical exhaustion, I was okay. I’ve had a very nice introverted evening at home, doing laundry, cooking, taking a bath, calling and emailing the people I didn’t get to see. i need to find a balance between being energized and being rested.  any extroverts out there have tips for me?