i’ve been on a new kick lately to go on a ton of dates. dates to get to know new people. dates to try out different food. dates to see what i like and dislike. dates.  not a lot of pressure. not husband hunting, just seeing what’s out there and seeing what that brings out in me.

and with this increase in numbers comes an increase in rejection.  not too much, but, you know, when you’re putting yourself out there, not everybody’s going to like you.  i’m not terribly insecure, but sometimes it still hurts.

there’s a simple solution, though, and that’s not to internalize the rejection, but just to come up with a reason for why it’s not you.  and the reason is simple: he probably just likes blondes.  he decided to click on my profile or take me to coffee or one one dinner date because he liked that artsy girl once or he likes blue eyes or he’s from the midwest, but really, i’m a huge departure from his type–the blonde type–and after stepping outside his comfort zone, he realizes it’s just too hard.  he can only be with a blonde.

and that, friends, is how you deal with rejection!  🙂