yesterday i was at a fancypants overpriced grocery store that i stopped at on a whim on the way home. i picked up some spendy GF crackers, some brie made with goat milk, some awesome gelato and a $7 jar of salsa. ha. as i was standing in the frozen section looking at overpriced quarts of deliciousness, i saw a store worker approach me from behind. thinking he wanted to restock the freezer, i got out of his way. he said this to me:
“ma’am, you should keep doin’ what you’re doin'”
at this point, i thought, what? looking at gelato?
“i mean, you look good. i don’t know what your secret is: your husband, your aerobics class, whatever. just keep it up”
and then he rolled his cart of expensive beverages away and began restocking the kombucha cooler.
i did the whole disgust-delight-disgust-delight-masked-as-disgust thing you do when you’re getting hit on. ha. but he wasn’t really hitting on me.


also, i’ve been doing t-tapp awesome legs the last few weeks. it was a nice boost after a rough day 🙂