i’m back from my 72 hours in NYC. It was lovely. I headed up Thursday morning, attended a conference Thursday aft, all day Friday & Saturday and then just bummed around this morning with my friend. here are some lists from my time in NYC:

food consumed:
corned beef sandwich (carnegie deli)
cheesecake (NY style dense rich goodness)
free range buffalo burger (so far from home!)
hot knish from a food cart
an indian feast (chicken korma, lamb biriyani, palak paneer make my heart sing!)
big slice of NY pizza
bagel with cream cheese and lox
amazing italian apps including ricotta-stuffed fresh mozzarella, risotto balls, and salame
great conference snacks including bomboloni, crackers with brie and pepper marmelade, fresh fruit, and yummy teas
ale (at mcsorley’s, the oldest bar in nyc)

sights experienced:
rockefeller plaza (30 rock theme played in my head!)
5th avenue
central park
times square
the hottest salsa dancing in manhattan at iguana lounge

the conference itself was incredible.

i heard from the creative director from method detergent/soap who shared an awesome vision for the triple bottom line and talked about recent advertising successes filled with snarky writing and clever ideas.

druga5 who wrote an incredibly clever script for the sara silverman ad called the great schlep to get jewish kids to get visit their grandparents and convince them to vote for obama.

i’d heard about driverless cars, but one of the panel presenters blew my mind with his vision of reimagined cities that will change the urban landscape.

i developed a well-rounded crush (intellectual and otherwise) on Jonathan Harris, creator of this awesome exhibit at MoMA, thinker of deep thoughts, artist, creative genius. i tried to talk to him afterwards. it didn’t really work.  sigh.

there were more, but those were my favorites. i left feeling great hope for the world. we’re all created in God’s image, with a little glimmer of his glory that is unique from everyone else’s. this conference showcased people who were using their gifts, their glory, in ways to really redeem the world, to shape public opinion, to persuade, encourage and bring shalom. i was not expecting to leave feeling so optimistic. i love my industry and i want to keep finding creative solutions as life keeps shifting and changing. i want to point others to what is true, good and beautiful and i want to do it in surprising ways.