when i first moved into my awesome townhouse, i didn’t know my roomates and wasn’t sure how to build rapport.  I noticed that they liked to watch reality TV.  I rolled my eyes, kept up with my busy schedule and figured that we’d never be friends because i wouldn’t be caught dead watching something so trashy.

a few weeks ago, on a dark rainy weeknight, i found myself doing design work all alone and decided to meander to the living room.  once there, my roomate turned on the real housewives of D.C.  oh well, i thought, it’s just background noise.

within 10 minutes, i was sucked in.  the characters were beautiful, believable and their interpersonal drama was hilarious.  after a few minutes, my roomate explained to me that this season captures, in its entirety, the crashing the state dinner by the salahi couple last november.  now i was really hooked.  we watched one or two episodes leading up to the dinner including the preparation (hair, makeup, sari) the night of.  i wasn’t able to watch the following week’s episode until tonight.

i was not disappointed!  the hour was reality tv at its finest.  sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.  the whole episode felt like a shakespearian play: complex characters, gossip, intrigue, dashed expectations.  it was all there.  i was shocked to see it all unfold in front of me in such fine detail.  the other women on the show were shocked by the couple’s brazen disregard for social conduct and the law.  watching them gossip and discuss the evening was entertaining, but the real thing that drew me in were the close up shots of the salahis themselves.  wow.  they were at all times totally out of step with reality and unrepentant.

i just listened to a tim keller sermon on saul’s self-deception in I samuel.  saul has been charged with a task by God and instead of obeying, he sneaks around the issue, twisting his disobedience into a supposed sacrifice for God.  the story is strange, but TK helped me to see that it is chilling.  saul chooses to slide into self-deception, convincing himself that he’s done nothing wrong and is in fact serving God.  he also explained how we are all capable of such twisting if we aren’t grounded in Truth.

the salahis are an incredible real-life example (truly, they live down the street) of self-deception at its finest.  the couple lies to themselves, to the cameras, to the DHS committee, to their friends and all of America.  they get a lawyer to lie for them and when faced with very straightforward questions, they plead the fifth and leave.  it is incredible.  later, when confronted in love by their friends, the salahis deny any feelings of shame, choose not to show remorse, and demand that the people close to them ignore the situation and treat them as if nothing has happened.

i want to embody truth.  i want to identify it in each situation, i want to live in and with it, i want to attract truthful people to myself.  and i want to know Truth, Jesus, and be found in Him.  save me from my self-deception.


PS anybody want to be my tareq for halloween?