gah!  the week is almost over!  crazy!

today was another lovely day.  i woke up late and talitha brought me lunch (after another stressful work meeting) which we ate quickly and then bolted out the door to go to the foreign police office.  it looked like the tysons dmv (which should strike terror into your hearts)–except it’s called the foreign police office.  anyway, we waited for less than an hour and talitha got her visa extension so she can return to the country after she leaves for a conference/holiday  next week.  woot!  from there, we went to volunteer at an afters chool program for czech roma kids (roma is an ethnic group that is derogatorily referred to as the “gypsies”).  it was just like any other after school program: a musty room painted with bright colors, snacktime, studying, games, a lesson, a little singing–and foosball.  talitha and i cleaned up and then got reprimanded–spinning is not allowed.  we then lost when we had to use our skills.  ahh well.  the afternoon was fun and talitha taught a really rough lesson in contour drawing with pencils.  drawing is hard!  they were all good sports about it, though.  the leader of the program, ana was beautiful and gracious.  it was good to be a part of the work.

talitha and i then headed back downtown for a little more shopping, this time at trendy H&M.  talitha got 2 dresses, a pair of earrings, some shades.  i got a headband 🙂  we then went to meet talitha’s roomate, steph at the monestary/brewery Klasterni Pivovar for some first rate beer and czech food.  yum.  makes me want to learn how to cook czech and to embrace my german heritage more.  talitha got pork schnitzel with chive potatoes, steph had beef stuffed with garlic, potato dumplings and this awesome sweet sourkraut and i had beef with cranberries, bread dumplings, and a ton of soppable delicious beef gravy.  woah.  and we had beer, too.

so now we’re back  and gonna watch chuck.  sweet!

oh, and i almost forgot the most important part of our day.  we met the most handsome german man ever.  he thought we both were czech (clearly i made the right shoe/hoodie decision) and asked where a nearby hostel was.  talitha went out of her way to call her friends who work at a chain of hostels and i was glad to keep chatting.  talitha and i both agreed that he was our type.  a written description will not do him justice.