Today was lovely.  I slept in, had a little brekkie and watched epsidode 2 of Chuck (season one).  I’m hooked.  It’s about time to get into another TV series since my interest in the Office has waned.  It was a perfect morning.  Talitha and I then headed out to her favorite sushi place for some yummy bento box goodness.

From there, we went to Saint Vitus Cathedral in Old Town Prague.  It was dark, gothic and brimming with amazing art.  stained glass, sculptures, paintings, altarpieces, chandeliers, mosaics.  it was awesome.  i was totally the clueless tourist but everything was beautiful.  all of the tours were in czech so i couldn’t eavesdrop and figure out what was going on.  apparently, it used to be closed off to the public, but victor havel changed all that when he was put into office.  now it is free.  yay!

we then wound around quaint-looking streets and i shot a ton of pictures of signs and fonts.  get ready for some awesom euses of garamond and some tragic cooper black.  a facebook album of type will be forthcoming.  get stoked.  it will be something like: “kerning my way through Prague: czech it out” or something equally as cheesy.

I told talitha i want to consume foods that i don’t love back home but that she loves: chocolate, beer, espresso.  she was delighted and took me to an illy cafe nearby where we both had espresso (“taste the delicious nutty flavor on the middle of your tongue” she said) and chocolate croissants.

we then walked across the Charles Bridge, got caught in a rainstorm and then decided to go euro clothes shopping.  talitha’s going to be in a skit that features tacky 80’c clothes.  an hour later, we emerged victorious with a hideous pink off-the shoulder t-shirt, some graffiti black & white leggings, a terrible plastic necklace.  amazing.  we then came home to a delicious jalfrezi curried chicken with basmati rice and green beans.  yum.  good day 🙂