so, today my blog is going to be a travel journal.

i woke up this morning at 11:30 feeling like i could take on the world.  11 hours of sleep can do that.  also, it’s evidence that i am finally getting over my head cold!  woot!  t didn’t sleep as long.  we had breakfast–delicious rolls baked with olives and hermelin (a czech version of brie) and some tea and an orange.  perfect.  I did a little work remotely and Talitha tried to shake her headache, then we were out on the town!

you may already know this, but Prague looks a lot like italy.  beautiful architectural details, painted buildings, winding cobblestone streets.  awesome.  we got a late lunch at a charming cafe then walked through the streets, toured the gardens near the castle, sampled some amazing gelato and went clothes shopping at H&M, Mango, Zara and this rad Greek boutique.  it was awesome.  for dinner, we’d planned on sushi but because it was closed we went to a czech restaurant that has middle eastern food and got an awesome dinner accompanied by pilsner urquell, of course.  yum.  now we’re just chillin.  it’s almost midnight but i think i’ll watch a little arrested development with my evening tea.  yay!