– the women’s restroom icon features a stick person in a tutu or miniskirt.  i snickered every time i saw her

– the exit sign features a stick figure RUNNING with an arrow towards a door.  it induces panic every time i see it.

– lots of helvetica and gill sans and some other fabulous sans serifs that i didn’t recognize.


– the lightswitches are huge, like 3″ square.

– the server at last night’s restaurant told us the restaurant was full but that they had some non-smoking seating if we could stand it.

– there was a list of icons on the bus: no food, no smoking, no firearms and then no scottie dogs.  yes, the icon looked just like a scottie dog.  after i realized this and chuckled that i’ve never seen a scottie dog icon and i doubt people would bring one of those dogs on the bus anyway, a woman got on the bus with a scottie dog in her arms.

more to come.

also, i’m way sick.  you can pray for me to get well 🙂

I arrived on Saturday night and got dinner with Talitha and her friend Lauren at a little Italian place nearby (where they could only offer us a nonsmoking table!).  I was deliriously tired and quite sneezy but stayed up til midnight anyway.

On Sunday morning I slept in then took another nap mid-afternoon.  Talitha had to go to church early to prepare for a children’s ministry skit so I walked to church with her friends.  church was really nice, small, kinda presby.  the worship was simple and beautiful, the sermon was great.  i felt really sick so i wasn’t up for too much socializing, but after church we all went to the beergarten down the street for a pint and conversation where i met some cool kids and enjoyed my first czech beer.  after that we went home, the girls made a delicious italian vegetable and pasta dinner with caprese salad and we finished it all off with tea and ice cream.  a delicious first real day 🙂