you know how when you’re filling your ice cream cone and you scoop a little bit and then use the back of the scoop to smash ice cream all the way down the cone?  well, that’s a metaphor i’ve been using for my 20’s: pack in a lot of good diverse experiences and then keep enjoying them throughout the rest of my life, all the way down to the last bite.

i don’t know if it really works like that, but i’ve been really busy lately!  since about mid January, I’ve been on the warpath to eat at all the delicious places in DC, hang out with as many people as I can, and just generally experience city life.  I’ve decided to move “further in” and have gotten to know a lot of cool new-to-me people.  it’s great.  so, here’s a list of some good stuff that’s happened/good stuff i’ve eaten.


thai x-ing – this place is literally underground, in a guy’s basement in NW.  it was delicious made-to-order food served on banana leaves in an intimate 15-person-when-packed dining room.  you eat by candlelight.  i’ll be back.

2 amy’s pizza – also in NW, this place sports my name and gill sans, a favorite font of mine.  really good neopolitan pizza. i got the kind with salami and red peppers and it was voted best at the table.  we also got oven roasted olives which were amazing.

present – i’ve had vietnamese food in the past that was not that good so i just stick to the simple vermicelli bowl with grilled meat and fresh veggies.  it’s great.  well, last night i went to present with some adventurous eaters and was blown away by the different flavors.  we had egg noodles, rice noodles, all manner of seafood, bok choy, eggplant, spring rolls, it was amazing.  i’ll be back.  also, the name is present like the now-moment.  i think that makes it cooler.


i went on a church retreat recently that was super fun.  i met some new people, got to know some acquaintances better.  it was awesome.

i’m taking a class with a few new friends.  i really like the teacher and am looking forward to learning more.

i’m having a dinner party soon.  this is something i used to do that i stopped when i got busy.  i’m glad to return to it.


i got promoted!


i’m moving in a few weeks, traveling to Prague to visit a best friend and also making a 12-hour road trip with 5 dear friends.  may will truly be packed.


in spite of all of this activity, I’ve been learning how to rest internally.  when things feel out of control or panicky or i feel anxiety rising, i just stop and make the decision to rest in God at that moment.  I’ve also been trying to breathe more intentionally.  it makes a huge difference.

thanks for reading!  hopefully my cone will still be intact when june rolls around.