“The truth is that green is a rather inefficient color. We don’t make green solar panels. We make black ones. Black absorbs light better. God is not a pragmatist, nor, in His art, is He a realist. He overdoes things. Spring winds can be a bit much. Not all of His rain is entirely called for. Anyone who has seen a snowflake knows that He micro-manages. A realist author, someone unafraid of the unhappy ending, of the seedy underbelly of existence, would never have made everything turn green as soon as the sun climbed higher in the sky. It just isn’t believable. Plants would be black, or at least dark brown. A realist wouldn’t have been afraid to make the jungles ugly. But no one who has ever tasted a spring breeze that really should be called a zephyr could think God a realist.”

-Nathan Wilson, p 16  in Issue 17 of Credenda Agenda