i went to the huge nearby mall this saturday.  while usually this is a recipe for disaster i was shielded this week from the crowds by a steady clean snowfall that lasted all day, keeping mall patrons in their various suburbs.  i was pleased.  i cleaned up, getting winter clothes at very good discounts.  i got 3 nice stretchy shiny dressy cowl-neck-lite tops at banana for less than $10 each.  and this awesome cable knit sweater for under $20.  boo yah.

it’s always funny to go shopping at the mall during the real winter.  everyone’s putting out their spring lines!  bikinis, white t-shirts, rolled khakis.  meanwhile, i’ve got to scrape my windshield and wear waterproof boots to get to the mall.  is everyone taking a tropical vacation and not letting me know?

the new colors for spring were a little disappointing.  now, keep in mind, i’m a summer so i like bright clear colors.  i fear the new line features brown-gray neutrals, pale dusty roses and pale minty greens.  sounds like the mutant bastard yucky colors of the apocalypse if you ask me.  no thanks.  oh well.  i wasn’t in the market for spring clothes anyway.  i’ll fight those battles in a few months when i need clothes for legitimately warm weather.  it was a nice day at the mall