i grew up on a farm.  did you know this about me?  i’ve become much more proud of it in the past few years and have come to appreciate my organic farm healthy heritage, but before that, man, i felt like a farm loser.  i always wanted to just live in the suburbs with a nice manicured green lawn and be able to walk on sidewalks to the library and be able to eat normal food.  all our food came frozen from our pastures (whole chickens!  a quarter of beef!) out of a chest freezer or from cans or covered with dirt from the garden.  gross.  or so my 13-yr-old self though.  now i’ve grown up. I participate in a vegetable CSA and enjoy getting fresh greens from a local farm through all of the warm summer months.  It caused a little existential crisis about being a former farm girl who picks up her lettuce in heels, but the food was worth it.

so  i’m living in DC, trying to grapple with this identity and on monday night i find myself in a cooking class.  it was a living social deal and i got enough friends to sign up to go free!  the goal was to learn knife skills.  we chopped onions, we julienned carrots, then, the culmination: cutting up a whole raw chicken.  i was seated in the back and didn’t have a partner, so i took on the challenge to do a whole chicken by myself.  wings, legs, thighs, breast.  skin off, de-bone, whack off the shoes, trim the leg meat.  bam.  i used my boning and chef’s knives to cut up a whole chicken in the amount of time it took the other pairs in the class.  i was stoked.  and i was proud.  proud to be a farm girl who always had to cut up a whole chicken.  proud to be a foodie with knife skills.  proud to be able to order whole pastured chickens for cheap and cut them up myself.  i’m looking forward to the challenge.  want to come over for a whole chicken sometime?