This weekend i:
bene– poached 20 eggs
– stage managed a complex breakfast featuring eggs benedict for 10 people with a support staff of 3 to run the toaster, stir the hollandaise sauce, and wash the dishes.  My roomate also made crepes.  It was a delightful brunch and everyone left delightfully full.
– made my way through home depot, triumphantly emerging with a gallon of buttered sweet corn yellow paint for the dining room, a tree for the living room (and appropriate accessories), a 94” curtain rod, and some blue painter’s tape.  It was a lot to manage.
– went to the pool twice
– set up my new workstation that doesn’t work (old ibooks don’t like new monitors with high resolution)
– attended a cookout
– helped my boyfriend move into his sweet new townhouse
– painted most of a cool painting on 3 square canvases in a sabrina ward harrison style.  I’m really pleased and look forward to finishing it this week
– made a little italian dinner for kristen, then watched a fabulous teeny-bopper movie
– deleted 10gb of junk off my ibook
– spent an hour on the phone with tech support for our router.  Got nowhere.
– ate delicious thai food
– went to a cocktail party