so, i’ve been writing about serious stuff lately: my life, healthcare reform, chemicals that jack up your brain.  i still care about that stuff, but i think my blog needs a little levity to correspond with how lovely my  life is right now.

last weekend i flew home with kyle to go to the Great County Fair a few miles north of where I live.  it was amazing.  we saw:

  • exotic chickens that looked like aliens with plumes and feathers down to their feet
  • rabbits that were huge and soft and small and quick and 2 that looked like sheep dogs with fur over their eyes
  • a pretty good beatles cover band made up of 11-14 year olds
  • fried stuff: funnel cakes, fries, cheese curds
  • cold stuff: frozen cider, fresh ice cream
  • my extended fam
  • some big tractors

anyway, it was a great weekend.  more to come!