some people read “monosodium glutamate” on the back of a bag of chips and assume it’s super salt. it has sodium in it, right?

MSG is pretty evil stuff. It breaks down into free glutamic acid which causes your nerves to fire double or triple the speed they normally would. that grade d meat in your taco now tastes like steak, but not because it is steak, but rather because your tastebuds are tasting it exponentially. it’s really clever: use bad products that taste medicore and trick your brain into thinking they’re delicious. it’s like a magician or a pickpocket–turning your attention away from the actual food to create a deceptive illusion.

so once it’s tricked your brain, then what? well, listen up if you have a neurological disease. it breaks down the blood-brain barrier. there are lots of layers in our bodies that protect the brain & spinal column and spinal fluid from other fluids in the body. the central nervous system is really important and the immune system isn’t going to mess around if there’s an infection in there–it’s one of the most important battlegrounds in the body. because of this, God put a special protective layer to prevent infection. and MSG rips that apart, allowing all sorts of crap to get into your brain. when crap gets in your brain, an autoimmune reaction almost always happens and *bam* you have MS. fabulous.

In addition to jacking up your brain, MSG causes obesity. [i believe this is one of the reasons so many kids today are obese] i read an article once that said that scientists use MSG exclusively to fatten up rats for weight loss testing. crazy.

anyway, watch out for MSG in food. also, quite discouragingly, other ingredients contain MSG or break down into free glutamic acid. watch out for “autolyzed yeast” “hydrolyzed corn protein” “torula yeast” “maltodextrin” “natural flavor” “yeast extract” “modified food starch” and “whey.” It’s depressing. If you start reading, MSG is in a lot of stuff. the worst is chips. however, trader joe’s saves the day with these adzuki bean & rice delish msg-free chips. i think they taste as good as any other msg-d chip (like doritos), but the taste comes from real ingredients like garlic and chiles.  let me know if there is other stuff that you like that is msg-free.  horray for tasting flavors that are really there!