seasons of!  loooooooovee!

my coworkers were singing Rent in the hallway at work.

this underscores my theory that my office is really a dorm.

you see, my team of about 30 just moved from a very crowded space with a few offices where at least 8 people shared a conference room. our new space is a sunny corner of the building where many of us have individual offices with enormous windows. big desks with room for rolling chairs. there’s a flavia machine in the kitchen. it’s posh. everybody is stoked.

when we “moved in” there were signs on our doors with illustrations that read “Welcome! New office. New beginning” and it said our names. just like the signs your RA’s made you in the fall.

further, we are dangerously close to a target, so people go and get “snacks” and so everybody’s always munching and passing bags around and tossing candy bars as incentives. just like in a dorm.

also, most of my coworkers are young and trendy. i definitely had to buy new clothes to work here.

it’s also just noisy, broadway musicals aside. it’s collaborative, i suppose?

let’s hope there aren’t any all-nighters.