There are a lot of people freaking out about healthcare right now.  I’m one of them.  If the government makes all healthcare nationalized and takes away my ability to seek help outside of the current medical system, i could become very, very sick.  since my diagnosis 2 years ago, the only help i’ve found has been outside the norm: supplements that the FDA won’t approve as helpful; treatments for which pharmaceutical companies won’t fund studies; doctors who refuse to take insurance for fear of lawsuit because they prescribe antibiotics above and beyond the “allowed” amount for my condition.  i’ve only gotten help outside the mainstream of conventional medicine.  if those practicing outside of guidelines must stop and if my money is forcibly taken to fund treatments that do not help, less of my money will be available for things that actually do work. further, if government controls are tightened on medical care in general, the very people who have helped me may soon be out of business.

the first link i have here is for health revolution.  their proposal is really different than anything i’ve heard before.  it’s a health nut’s dream.  basically they’re hoping to get catastrophic care covered by the government and all other healthcare will go to individuals through a debit card system.  this debit card can be used for anything from organic kale to energy work.  it also includes a free market rating system for physicians and hospitals and recommends competetive pricing.  that part is a little scary, but i signed it anyway because i’m fascinated and would like people to start thinking outside the box.  i’d also like congress and the greater public to start considering alternative treatments as legitimate means for healing.  the plan favors preventive care which is totally ignored in our current healthcare system.  it proposes paying for health instead of paying for sickness.  because this is such a different paradigm, i can’t imagine the average joe being on board, but it’s very exciting to me because i really want to take responsibility for my health choices and choose preventive care now.

A second option is for Patients United Now.  they’re basically running a petition that says to the government “leave us alone–don’t get involved!”  i also signed this one because while the current healthcare system is a huge mess, i can’t imagine any nationalized system being an improvement. better to stall than make a terrible choice.  once the government takes over something, the private sector & individuals will never get it back.

please take a minute to scroll through these petitions and see if you can sign them.  what do you think of healthcare now?  what do you think of a nationalized system?  how should we pay for it?