Archives for the day of: June 29, 2009


sitting on a ramp trying to get from the metro station onto a road with a million lights that has 2 ramps to a highway that is sporadically and badly congested.  i plan to take this road with a million lights to my destination, just past the ramps.  at rush hour.  this one mile total drive has taken about 15 minutes and i still haven’t left the station ramp to get onto my road.

clever exchange:

me: “ughh!  this traffic is so bad!  i can’t believe it!  it’s the curse!  it’s the fall!  this is endless toil!”
k: “no, i think that some the urban planners didn’t toil enough!”


thanks for still reading, friends.  i’m a bulimic blogger. clearly.

let’s see.  an update:

– i have great friends.  and my bf is awesome.  really.

– my health is a little rough again.  last time i posted i was discouraged, then i took some awesome supplements that help with detox pathways and i felt a ton better.  now i’m still taking those things and doing my diet and getting sufficient rest and i’m feeling bad again.  legs are all buzzy and my brain is foggy and slow.  i’m able to be a pretty upbeat happy person most of the time but when i slow down and actually feel my feelings, i am very sad and discouraged about it all.

– i love my job.  no really, i do.  i’ve been there 2 months and i still love it.  it’s not as magical as when i started, but quirky corporate culture aside, it is a very good place to work.  i work at a location that is 2 miles from my house and another that is about 7 miles.  the commutes for both can take up to 40 minutes with all the lights and traffic. my gas mileage is averaging 19mpg, which is really atrocious, but i don’t have to get much gas.  also, my coworkers are pretty cool.  i like the project that i’m on and feel that it is meaningful.  also, and perhaps most importantly: i have great health insurance.  (we’ll see how great they are when i start asking for reimbursements for out of network charges.  but for now, the copays are lower and i’m a happy camper.)

that’s a little update.  more to come.