right now the second class of fellows is at their beach week, celebrating the end of a successful year together.  i am shocked that a year has gone by so quickly.  shocked.  it seems like a good point in time to draw a line and reflect on what’s happened.  it’s been a whopper of a year:

– four jobs, plus freelancing
– two layoffs
– one crazy boss who heard from Jesus about my salary, then decided she hadn’t
– one awesome boss who remained my friend after we both got laid off
– one messy breakup
– a proposal
– two random bad dates with a guy who “doesn’t believe” in myers-briggs
– a lovely relationship that started with ulterior motive fellows recruiting
– 2 big flares of symptoms with 3 diagnoses: MS, Lyme, Lyme-induced MS
– 6 months of IV antibiotics, 4 days a week, 2 hours a day
– thousands of supplements taken
– 35 treatments of hyperbaric oxygen
– more time than i can count pray-crying
– hundreds of dollars spent on the tollroad, lots of smiles from my favorite toll booth worker
– lots of physical pain and exhaustion
– thousands of dollars spent on medical treatment
– 3 appeals to get insurance to pay for my IV antibiotics
– hundreds of phone calls home to my parents
– thursday night dinners with jillian
– tuesday night movie nights with russ and friends
– wednesday night counseling class
– ikea/craigslist furniture acquisition
– lots of heels worn

it’s been an insane year.  i could not have imagined any of this drama last year at this time.  i really thought i’d be with the guy i had a crush on, that i’d quickly get a stable job, that my health would even out.  it’s crazy.  i’m committed to the idea that God is writing something very important and meaningful with my life, but most of the time I have no idea what He’s up to.  I believe there’s a “rest of the story.”  I believe there’s still ink in the pen.