the last 4 weeks have included a significant decline in how i’ve been feeling:  a lot of the buzzing and tingling in my extremities came back, and i had a pretty discouraging conversation with my new doctor about how i have lyme-induced MS.  not just lyme, but both.  i cried a lot.  i felt discouraged.  i was glad for my job to distract me.  4 weeks later, the tingling has cleared up, thanks in part to some new (cheap) supplements, like sublingual vitamin b.  weird, huh? it’s great.

other news:  i’ve completed week 2 of my job which includes a lot of training but i really like it so far.  it’s really nice to go to work and get paid.  really really nice.

my little big sister is here visiting now.  we’ve eaten a lot of good ethnic food, caught up on the office, hung out with friends.

yeah.  i feel like my posts are fairly repetetive:  i feel like crap!  I feel great!  i’m unemployed!  i’m employed!  if you visit for the header and not the content, i’ve got a new one up.