i was flying today (rather, i tried to fly, but instead just hung out in the airport for 6 hours and then left) and i realized that in another context besides traversing the country, “playing airport” could be fun.

I mean, who needs cops and robbers when you have weary travelers and the TSA?  (cringe)  I can just imagine a fun game for the kids:  Everybody get in line and grab a bin, now, take out some of the contents of your bags.  drink your water!  take off your shoes!  fast!  now, walk through the door that leads to nowhere and show your paper.  watch your stuff on the tv screen, then grab it, pack it up, put on your shoes and run! whee!  isn’t this fun?

so the next time you’re at a loss for what to play when you’re babysitting, play airport.  yay!