the last few months have been crazy! really really crazy! i know most of you have followed along with me, but i’m going to make a bulleted list anyway.

– worked a few part-time jobs
– a trip home and around the midwest
– felt awful. convinced i had MS with no good treatment options
– relieved to start a new job
– car broken into, ipod & gps stolen, drove around for a week with plastic on my door

– got re-diagnosed with Lyme
– threw a Lyme Party
– began crazy Lyme treatments
– had a crazy psychological depressive crash/breakdown from all the neurotoxins and die-off
– found out my insurance company wouldn’t cover a cent of my IV treatments
– kept working full-time–just barely

– visited home for my cousin’s wedding
– went on a retreat for Crosstrainer’s
– went to a church conference
– experienced regular stabbing chest pains
– kept doing IV treatments
– hosted a lot of movie nights
– got laid off from my job
– dyed my hair
– got another job
– called my insurance company a million times

– kept doing the IV treatments
– got proposed to
– had 2 weeks of herxheimer/die-off exhaustion
– kept fighting my insurance company
– submitted a 70+ page appeal to the bureau of insurance with the help of a friend
– attended a membership weekend at church
– celebrated my 25th
– said goodbye to a best friend
– drove home and back for thanksgiving
– spent a day grieving my brother’s death

now it’s December. I’m going to keep doing the treatments and hopefully get another MRI to see if the lesions/bright areas of inflammation are still there. [pray they won’t be?]
I’ve already:
– attended a healing conference/weekend
– gone to my first christmas party and attended an advent service
– listened to my indie christmas station on pandora a lot
– watched Christmas Vacation
I’m really excited about Christmas this year–first time in a while. I’m also looking forward to seeing my sister & brother-in-law and dear friend in SoCal.

I hope December is a lot more mellow than the last few months have been. It’s been an exciting ride. I’m sure I’ll look back on this time of life as one of the best: great highs and lows, lots of vibrant colors. God has been faithful and good. I’m in such a different place now than I was in August. I’m so grateful. Please continue to pray for me and make fun of me for my crazy life. Both are necessary to help me get through 🙂